uschedulerm - remove uschedule jobs


uschedulerm [-.] [-d DIR] [-i] [-N] [-c] JOB-ID ...


uschedulerm reads information about scheduled jobs from DIR, or, if this is not given, from ~/.uschedule/. The current working directory will be used instead of ~ if the -. or --dot-as-home option is given.

It then deletes all jobs with the identifier JOB-ID.

If the -c option is used then uschedulerm will not delete scheduled jobs but registered commands. In this mode no command with more than one link is deleted, that is, commands referenced by any active job cannot be removed.

To make uschedulerm ask before it removes any file use the -i option. This option is the default is standard input and output point to a terminal. If you don’t want to be asked any questions use the -N option.


Uwe Ohse, uwe@ohse.de


uschedule(8), uschedule_intro(7).