uschedulelist - list uschedule jobs


uschedulelist [-.] [-d DIR] [-c ID] [-s] [-S] [JOB-ID ...]


uschedulelist reads information about scheduled jobs from DIR, or, if this is not given, from ~/.uschedule/. The current working directory will be used instead of ~ if the -. or --dot-as-home option is given.

It sorts the jobs by time and ID, and prints a few lines of information about every job or the jobs with the identifiers JOB-ID ...

If the -c (--commands) option is used the command will not list scheduled jobs but registered commands.

The -s (--short) option makes uschedulelist print less information.

The -S (--show-command) option makes uschedulelist list the full command in addition to the listing output. This may be useful to distinguish between multiple similarly named commands.


Uwe Ohse, uwe@ohse.de


uschedule(8), uschedule_intro(7).