uscheduled - a job scheduler


uscheduled [-d DIR]


uscheduled reads information about a number of jobs from DIR, or, if this is not given, from ~/.uschedule/.

It then sleeps until one or more of the jobs have to be run, at which point it will try to run and either reschedule or delete them.

uscheduled runs under the rights of the user for whom the programs are started. It changes to DIR on startup and runs in an own session. It doesn’t detach from the terminal or move itself into the background.

All time calculation is done in UTC.


If uscheduled needs to start a job the following will be done:

The users program will inherit the environment of the daemon, unless otherwise indicated during job creation time. The standard input will be redirected from /dev/null. By default the file descriptors one and two (standard and error output) are not redirected, meaning that the output will go into the same log files as the output of the daemon, if any.


uscheduled exits gracefully on SIGTERM. It reloads the job specifications on SIGHUP.


Uwe Ohse, uwe@ohse.de


uschedule(1), uschedule_intro(7).