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smtptools: tools for SMTP

smtptools is a collection of tools to send or receive mails with the simple mail transfer protocol. smtptools are free software and released under the GNU General Public Licence. The package uses GNU autoconf and is aimed to be portable, though i suspect that there will be some work needed to rally get it to compile cleanly on different systems (it's stilll an early version).


may be used to send some or all messages from a maildir to a preconfigured relay host or the official mail exchanger hosts of the recipient addresses. maildirblasts functions partially overlap with those of maildirsmtp from Daniel Bernsteins serialmail package.


sends a single message with SMTP to a configured relay host or to a MX host. It uses the qmail return codes and may be used to bypass a broken mail system or, with for example ssh port forwarding, even some firewalls.


is a simple tool to write a message into a maildir. It uses the qmail return codes (see the dot-qmail manual page for more information). (yes, this has nothing todo with SMTP. But i find it useful anyway)


is a replacement for qmail-smtpd. Features:

On the other hand: there is no support for badmailfrom (does anybody need this? Is it still useful?)

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