How to install the iodp tools

This document describes how to download, compile, test and install the iodp tools.

System requirements:

The tools are meant to run under UNIX and -lookalikes.

Downloading iodp:

The latest published iodp package is iodp-0.2.4.tar.gz.

Unpack the package:

  gunzip iodp-0.2.4.tar.gz
  tar -xf iodp-0.2.4.tar
  cd iodp-0.2.4

Compile the programs:

$ make

How to test:

$ make check

This will run a couple of self checks.

Actual installation of the iodp tools:

As root, install the programs and manual pages under /usr/local:

$ make install

Alternatively you may install them into a different place:

$ make nochown=true prefix=/home/me install

How to report success: (not mandatory)

$ make REALNAME=``My Name'' systype $ make REALNAME=``My Name'' systype |mail

do not send any email unless the checks were successful, please.


Software by Uwe Ohse

The iodp package