Uwe Ohse
The ftpcopy package

How to install ftpcopy

This document describes how to download, compile, test and install ftpcopy.

System requirements:

The ftpcopy package is meant to run under UNIX and -lookalikes.

If you want to run the self check you'll have to install a few additional software packages (see below), but they aren't needed to run ftpcopy.

Create a /package directory:

  $ mkdir /package
  $ chmod 1755 /package
  $ cd /package

You may use another directory. No program in the ftpcopy package cares where it is installed. /package is recommended.

The latest published ftpcopy package is:


You can alternatively download it through FTP:


Unpack the package:

  $ gunzip ftpcopy-0.6.7.tar.gz
  $ tar -xpf ftpcopy-0.6.7.tar
  $ rm ftpcopy-0.6.7.tar
  $ cd web/ftpcopy-0.6.7

Compile and install the programs:

  $ package/install

Where commands and documentation are installed:

By default the binaries are installed in /package/web/ftpcopy-0.6.7/commmand. (replace /package/ by the directory where you you unpacked the ftpcopy distribution in). Symbolic links to the commands are created in /command/ and, for compatibility reasons, in /usr/local/bin.
Manual pages are installed in /package/web/ftpcopy-0.6.7/doc. Symbolic links to the manual pages are created under /usr/local/man.

If you don't like this then:

  $ package/compile && package/check
  $ cp command/* /whereever/you/want/bin
  $ cp doc/* /whereever/you/want/doc

Self check:

compile/install (or compile/check) try to run some automated tests is a few additional software packages are available. If these tests fail the software will not be install. If some or all of the needed packages are not found in $PATH then ftpcopy will be installed.

Packages needed to run the self test:

The self check needs a ftp server. The ftp server included in the publicfile package doesn't need any special entries in /etc/passwd and is highly secure.

The self check expects to find the publicfile ftpd in /usr/local/publicfile/bin/ftpd. If you, for any reason, want to run the test manually, and publicfile is installed somewhere else, for example in /usr/bin, you may run

  make PUBLICFILE_FTPD=/usr/bin/ftpd check

in the compile directory.

See the publicfile home page.

The tcpserver program is needed to open a socket (, port 50000) and to run the publicfile ftp server program.

See the ucspi-tcp home page.

The supervise program is used to start and stop tcpserver.

See the daemontools home page.

The tests take some time. Things are fine if they do not print anything.

How to report success: (not mandatory)

  $ mail uwe-generic-counter@ohse.de <compile/auto-systype

Please do not send this email if the self-check failed. Send an problem report to the mailing list instead.

Cleaning up:

If you are short on disk space you may remove the compile and src directories:

  $ rm -rf compile src

Mailing list:

To subscribe to the ftpcopy mailing list send a mail to ftpcopy-subscribe@lists.ohse.de. The content is ignored.

You do not need to subscribe to the mailing list, it is an open one. But, if you are not subscribe, make sure you mention this in the mail.

Please include the ftpcopy version number, the operating system and it's version and any possible relevant output of the failing program. Please include compile/auto-systype in your posting.

If your system is a GNU/Linux one then please include name and version of your distribution and your C library version number (as printed by ldd --version).


The homepage may be more up-to-date, see
the ftpcopy home page.