2004-08-10 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
portab: work around gcc-3.4 (and suse gcc-3.3.3) regparm incompatability.
(noted by Matthias Andree)
bugfix: ftpcopy --help showed duplicate entries for -4, -6 (Thomas Schwinge).
internal: sync against repository.
doc: install.0.in fixed (forgot "web" in paths) (Thomas Schwinge).
version: 0.6.7

2004-08-04 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
version: 0.6.6

2004-07-27 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
check: now tries to find posix UTC timezone, self check should work
again on systems using right/UZC as default UTC.
internal: rewrote canon(), check what it does in self check.
internal: sync against repository, mainly buffer_op_t -> buffer_op rename.
This forced some changes in the code.
version: 0.6.6beta2

2004-07-26 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: added --eat-leading-spaces option to ftpcopy and ftpls.
ui: added --data-connect-retries option to ftpcopy and ftpls.
ui: added -X, --in-exclude-file option to ftpcopy (idea: duncan brown).
doc: bug: compile/systype should be compile/auto-systype now
(noted by Clemens Fischer).
check: added another 'Alarm signal' workaround.

2004-07-25 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
portab: FreeBSD hat publicfile in just another place (Matthias Andree).
bug: fix ftpls file size output (64bit now).
internal: changed types of lengths used by ftpparse to unsigned.
internal: rename logxxx to do_logxxx.
bug: cleanup symlink handling (suggested by multiple persons).
bug: --tolower was't taken into account for the in/exclude matching
(noted by Mike Pastore).

2003-09-19 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
bug: socket_family.c assumed all systems know AF_INET6.
portab: tr might treat tr -A-Z _a-z as option [find_socket_func.sh]
bug: --raw option doesn't take an argument. [ftpls.c]
version: 0.6.5

2003-08-12 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
bug: urlparse() was too strict and refused ftp urls w/o trailing path.
ui: ftpls now accepts host names without a remote path.

2003-07-31 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: package.finish ignores already existing directories to allow
package.install to be run multiple times.
version: 0.6.4

2003-07-29 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: switch to new uogetopt version to generate manuals from the
help texts.
internal: quite a number of library files updated from the repository.
bug: ftpls didn't append a / to directory names in html output,
thus creating invalid links.
version: 0.6.3

2003-02-03 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
package: package/build: new script.
internal: split iopause.h into fixed and automatically generated parts.
internal: switch to conditionalized premake2 system.
version: 0.6.2

2003-01-28 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
bugfix: ftpparse ate leading spaces in file names (unix).
bugfix: ftpparse ate leading spaces in file names (msdos, when nt in disguise)
both noted by "chip" <demas@gmx.net>.
check: check these cases.
bugfix: docheck used `pwd` instead of `env - pwd`. Impact: check might fail.

2003-01-27 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
version: 0.6.1

2003-01-27 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: ftpcopy now sorts the directory listings. impact: self check
works on file systems re-ordering the files, too.
ui: --progress option is now sensitive to the terminal size.
bugfix: make sure that the 100% message for --progress is printed. I didn't
really see a need for this, when i coded the initial code.
Impact: surprised users.
check: removed reasons to clear the environment before running docheck.
ui: the --allow-pasv-ip option and the FTPCOPY_ALLOW_PASV_IP environment
variable allow to work around the "illegal redirect" error in
case ftpcopy is used behind a NAT gateway.
Chances: ftpcopy.c,ftpls.c, common.c
internal: let ftpls use ssort, too.

2003-01-24 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
portab: pdksh may exit after subshell calls when "set -e" is in effect.
impact: compilation broken. Workaround by Paul Jarc.

2003-01-12 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
bugfix: --mdtm didn't work. Impact: bad dates.
bugfix: the result of mdtm was not used correctly. Thanks to Philip Ross.
bugfix: error.h not included in a few socket library files.
Imfact: did not compile.
internal: removed a number of warnings.
internal: removed a number of warnings.
change: DNS library now continues even if the machine does not support the
IP protocol needed to reach all name servers. this allows to share
the resolv.conf...
change: use as nameserver of last resort, too, not only ::1.

2003-01-11 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: more informative "illegal redirect" message.

2003-01-09 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: document -4, -6 options.
version: 0.6.0

2003-01-08 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: implemented download resume.
ui: implemented progress report.
portab: glibc-2.3 includes stub for futimes(), thus breaking api_futimes.

2002-10-17 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: switch to ipv6 enabled dns library.
internal: switch to ipv6 enabled socket library.
version: 0.5.9 - not for release.

2002-10-15 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: added --max-depth option to ftpcopy and ftpls.
check: check this.
version: 0.5.2.

2002-10-15 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: open tempory file using open_excl, not open_trunc anymore.

2002-10-06 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: update bailout.c, bailout.h from the repository.
bugfix: ftp_cc_read did not clear the string before starting.
bugfix: ccread could return both NULL and &('\0') in case of EOF.
It now returns NULL.

2002-10-05 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
compat: added --ascii-listings option to ftpcopy and ftpls. Purpose: Work
around FTP servers unable to list long directories in binary mode.
Noted by A. P. Garcia.
check: check that.

2002-07-31 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: added better handling of shortened remote times to ftpcopy.
impact: should solve the "reget after a half year" problem.
No check done, publicfile is just too good for this.
check: check the --max-size option.
version: 0.5.1

2002-07-30 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: added --max-size option to ftpcop
bugfix: one case where a directory has turned into a symlink wasn't caught.
internal: change symlink guessing to use new ftpparse features.
bugfix: make a difference between EOF and errors at a few places.

2002-07-14 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
internal: extended auto-systype information.
ui: changed a number of scripts to allow parallel make.
internal: added a number of copyright notices.

2002-07-13 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: replaced dns library by public domain one.
version: 0.5.0 (not released)

2002-07-13 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: replaced the ftp listing parser by a rewritten, extended one.
check: check this.
internal: use utcdate2tai where possible, thereby eleminating the need
for mktime, thus also eliminating the need for tzset and
setenv("TZ","UTC",...), which was the most broken thing in
ftpcopy anyway.

2002-07-11 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
check: add check whether ftpparse works as expected.

2002-07-11 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
version: 0.4.10

2002-07-10 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de> after 0.4.9
bugfix: fixed a crash on systems without setenv.

2002-07-10 Uwe Ohse <uwe@ranan.ohse.de>
ui: --dry-run now shows what would be deleted, to.
check: check that.
ui: work around a problem with a wu-2.4.2-VR16(1) server, where
it didn't provide a directory listing. impact: ftpcopy stopped.
bugfix: ftp_cc_read failed to report errors. impact: wrong error message.
portab: do not use setenv directly, use a wrapper (setenv/putenv).
portab: Makefile is now dmake compatible, and possibly even usable with
HPUX make.
internal: updated a number of library files from the repository.
version: 0.4.9

2002-03-15 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
portab: do not use tm_gmtoff and tm_zone anymore. Noted by a number of
portab: a number of FTP servers sends malformed MLSx responses. This
likewise bit a number of users.
portab: "fi fi" without a ";" between is unportable. Noted by Janos Farkas.

2002-01-22 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
version: 0.4.8
portab: do not use ${1+$@} anymore, but use $@. /bin/sh on mac os x broke
portab: redirect linkers stdout to stderr in auto-link.sh. mac os x linker
thinks the error messages belong to stdout.
portab: mac os x needs sys/types.h included before sys/dirent.h.

2002-01-15 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bugfix: ftpls in recursive mode chopped the first character of the directory
name. First noted by Roland Mücke.
version: 0.4.7

2002-01-04 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bugfix: fix missing initialization in --rate-limit option.

2002-01-03 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: added --rate-limit option to ftpcopy.

2001-12-16 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bugfix: updated fsync.sh and iopause.sh from the repository.
impact: no dependency on compile.sh anymore.
ui: added --raw option to ftpls.
ui: added --print-dir option to ftpls.
version: 0.4.6

2001-12-11 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: use api_dir instead of dirent.h
ui: reordered and grouped --(long)?help output
ui: added -M, --max-deletes option
ui: --login-sleep option
version: 0.4.5

2001-12-01 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
compat: some FTP server closed the data connection after a failed
RETR ("not a plain file").
bugfix: initialentity returned the wrong value after MLST, causing
a superfluous RETR command. Impact: failed on the servern
which closed the data connection too early.
Noted by a. Phil Garcia.

2001-11-16 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bugfix: ftpls will no longer follow endless symbolic link loops.
internal: updated a number of files from the repository (auto-... change).
internal: adapted docheck (use of compile.sh).

2001-11-14 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bugfix: mlsx.c prepended space before name. Patch from Matthias Andree.
ui: added options not to download files if the modification time or
the file sizes have changed.
doc: documented that.
check: check that.
version: 0.4.4

2001-09-04 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
version: 0.4.3
bugfix: the workaround for missing utimes() didn't work.

2001-09-02 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
version: 0.4.2
ui: added some information to the ftpcopy --longhelp output.

2001-08-30 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: provide function to read command channel line by line (for MLST)
internal: added code for using MLST on initial entity.
bugfix: MLSx can return 500, means the same as 502.
Impact: ftpls and ftpcopy behaved somewhat strangely.
version: 0.4.2beta2

2001-08-29 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: updated a number of files from the repository.
internal: changed strhash_t -> strhash.
internal: extended systype output.
internal: more sort_it() from ftpls.c to own file.
internal: cleaned up includes.
internal: compile even if utimes() is not available.
ui: if ftpcopy detects that a file locally exists, but it is a link
on the remote server, then create a link locally.
ui: added support for MLSD.
version: 0.4.2beta1

2001-08-13 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
check: touch -t YYYYMMDDhhmm.ss doesn't work with GNU fileutils 3.16,
it expects a different format. Impact: self check failed.
Workaround: use own touch.
version: 0.4.1

2001-08-01 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
interal: updated socket_conn.c socket_htons.c socket_bind.c from repo.

2001-07-22 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: switched to new build / package system.
version: 0.4.0

2001-07-13 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: updated bailout.c, bailout.h, buffer_put.c, open.h, uint64.h,
uogetopt.c, iopause.c from the repository.
internal: switch ftpls.c to byte_diff, str_len.
internal: switch urlparse.c to str_len.
internal: use noreturn attributes where useful.
ui: added --mdtm switch to ftpcopy.
version: 0.3.10

2001-07-03 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
doc: s/post/port/ in ftpcopy.1.in, spotted by Jim Thompson

2001-06-03 Uwe Ohse <uwe@csl42.csl.de>
doc: switched to *roff.

2001-06-01 Uwe Ohse <uwe@csl42.csl.de>
ui: ftpcopy --bps logs the transfer rates.

2001-05-30 Uwe Ohse <uwe@csl42.csl.de>
bugfix: fixed two file descriptor leaks created 2001-05-03
Spotted by <matthias.andree@stud.uni-dortmund.de>.
check: check for file descriptor leak problems.
version: 0.3.9

2001-05-22 Uwe Ohse <uwe@csl42.csl.de>
portab: socks5 as of socks5-v1.0r11 doesn't include a wrapper for
poll, but has one for select influencing internal state in
the SOCKS library. Impact: ftpcopy / ftpls couldn't connect.
Workaround: added an option --force-select to both clients.
doc: documented --force-select

2001-05-17 Uwe Ohse <uwe@csl42.csl.de>
bugfix: iopause.sh did never turn on poll. (never released that bug)

2001-05-11 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bugfix: ftpcopy crashed with a null pointer dereference if a high
logging level was choosen and the default end (NULL) of
a in/exclude list was reached.

2001-05-08 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: cd back from sub directories as soon as they are left.
impact: temporary files are created in the target directory.
the old behaviour wasn't clean with regards to file system
boundaries. Brought to my attention by Matthias Andree
internal: updated typesize.h from the repository. No impact.
internal: updated gen_scan.h from the repository. No impact.

2001-05-03 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: switched to PD tai and taia libraries.
internal: switched to PD ip4 library.
internal: switched to PD iopause.
bug: printed errno related error messages without reason. Brought to
my attention by Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@gmx.de>.
ui: added --recursive option to ftpls.

2001-05-02 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: switched to PD scan library.

2001-05-01 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: switched to PD fmt library.
internal: switched to PD ndelay.

2001-04-30 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: switched to use more generic host_connect() instead of doconnect().
internal: switched to PD timeoutconn.
internal: switched to PD error library.

2001-04-29 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: switched to PD readclose library.
internal: switched to PD readwrite.h.
internal: switched to PD uint library.
internal: switched copyright of byte* to PD.
internal: updated uoinstall from the repository.

2001-04-26 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: switched to PD buffer library.
internal: switched to PD getln library.

2001-04-22 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: add --tolower option to ftpcopy.
doc: document that.
check: check that.

2001-04-21 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: add --timeout option to ftpcopy and ftpls.
doc: document that.
ui: if the server has more than one IP address then try
to connect to all of them before failing.
bugfix: Only accept PASV IP address if it's in the list returned
by the DNS. Only accept port 20 and >= 1024.
Impact: don't allow the server to redirect us to chargen
or something else.
version: 0.3.8

2001-04-14 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: ftpls error messages in case too few arguments were given
weren't helpful.
doc: updated TODO.
internal: built an API around futimes/utimes to hide that ugly stuff.
bug: fixed a one byte overrun of a malloc()d buffer in do_symlink.
it was there for a long, long time.
impact: unknown. doesn't seem to be exploitable, though.

2001-04-09 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
doc: updated install.html.in to reflect testsuite
doc: updated ftpcopy.pod: moved --keep-dir and --remove-dir
into historical section.
internal: removed unneeded includes in ftplib.c, ftpls.c and ftpcopy.c.
internal: use wrapper around getcwd.
ui: changed some error messgaes in ftpls.
ui: use absolute paths in ftpls interactive mode, too.

2001-04-08 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
check: improved testsuite.
ui: removed --remove-dir and --keep-dir options in ftpcopy.
The behaviour of --remove-dir is now default.
internal: made remove_dir() in ftpcopy.c more robust.
bug: --directories-only now works again.
internal: restructured loop() by moving code to new functions.
ui: Added more logging to the handling of include/exclude options.
bug: Deal with the case where the remote entity is a directory, but
the local one is a symlink, by removing the symlink.
bug: Try to get more information if the initial entity is a directory.
ui: changed a number of error messages in common.c.
ui: relative remote paths in interactive input are changed into
absolute ones.
bug: Don't crash in interactive/non-url mode due to unset remotedir
variable. In interactive/non-url mode no remote directory is
internal: removed unneeded flag_silent_retr hack.

2001-04-07 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
internal: updated bailout.[ch].
ui: ftpcopy sets up bailout library to print "fatal: " in
fatal messages.
ui: changed a number of error messages in doconnect.c.
ui: changed a number of error messages in ftpcopy.c.
bug: ftpcopy exited with an error "wrong initial LIST answer"
if the remote target was a file. (introduced yesterday)
bug: ftpcopy didn't create to local directories for the initial
targets as it was supposed to do (at least in some cases)
(bug introduced in 0.3.6)
bug: ftpcopy now handles a few more cases in which a remote file
has turned into a directory or a directory has turned into
a file.
check: expanded testsuite.

2001-04-06 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
internal: replaced stralloc library by GPLd one.
check: started work on testsuite.
bug: ftpcopy.c: rewrote the special handling of the command line
argument. Too many bugs in the old code.
Also fixed misformatted rename error messages.
version: 0.3.7

2001-03-27 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bug: use stat in download(), not lstat. we want to compare the real
things. (spotted by Nagy Erno <ned@elte.hu> a long time ago)
ui: implemented --interactive options in ftpcopy and ftpls.
version: 0.3.6

2001-03-26 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bug: ftpcopy failed to copy an initial remote directory on a wu-ftpd
server if that directory contained exactly one file. ftpcopy
also failed to copy empty directories.
bug: ftpcopy didn't create local directory if the first entity
to be copied was a file.

2001-02-26 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
ui: ftpcopy.c: added --dry-run option.
bug: bailout_progname() threw away the first character if
argv[0] didn't include a /.

2001-02-16 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
internal: use new uogetopt functions (MINARGS, MAXARGS).
internal: use bailout_progname().
ui: ftpcopy.c: make help messages more clear.
ui: ftpcopy.c: document default of local-dir to .
ui: ftpcopy.c: make that default only apply if -n is used.
doc: document default of local-dir to "." if "-n" is used.
version: 0.3.5

2001-02-14 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
bug: ftpcopy --version showed "--version" as program name
if and only if ftpcopy wasn't calling with an absolute path
in argv[0]. This also affects error messages.
internal: updated scan_long.c, scan_sign.c, strhash_ente.c, uogetopt.c
and uogetopt.h from the repository.
2001-01.14 Uwe Ohse <uwe@fjoras.ohse.de>
portability: some version of reiserfs on linux doesn't honor utime() if
the function is called before the file is closed. Found
and patched by Felix von Leitner <leitner@fefe.de>.
impact: the date of mirrored files was wrong.
internal: now actually use futimes() if available.5
internal: updated socket_tcp.c socket_udp.c strhash_ente.c from the
ui: implemented "--account" option: send argument to the server
if it asks for an ACCT command. impact: common.c, ftpcopy.h
ftpls.c, ftpcopy.c.
version: 0.3.4

2000-10-02 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
bugfix: no validity check on remote files names was done.
impact: security breach if the FTP server uses names like
../../../../etc/passwd. Solution: ignore files with / in the name.

2000-09-21 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
version: 0.3.3
internal: use new strhash version. changed ftpcopy.c to fit.
internal: updated uogetopt from repository.
bugfix: a log message was missing a terminating line feed.
bugfix: timeoutio.h: experimental change for the ^z problem experienced by
Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@stud.uni-dortmund.de>.

2000-09-03 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
internal: updated uogetopt from repository.
internal: updated uoinstall from repository.
internal: removed strlen calls from ftpcopy.c.
version: 0.3.2
doc: fix spurious comma in ftpcp.pod. (spotted by Matthias Andree)
bugfix: don't flush before \r\n in ftp_cc_write_cmd_s and
ftp_cc_write_cmd_ss. Was due to a misunderstanding
of the way buffer_pustflush works.
impact: old proftpd version crash, unneeded TCP traffic.
Spotted by Matthias Andree <matthias.andree@gmx.de>.
internal: use strhash instead of dynhash. impact: avoid possibly
CRC collision problems.

2000-08-11 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
ui: ftpparse.c didn't know about the format used on at least
one IP address behind ftp.nai.com.

2000-08-10 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
internal: shut up a gcc warning in ftpcopy.c
internal: understands the listing format of ftp.nai.com.
bugfix: used buggy old env_get (didn't hit, due to luck).
ui: oom() exists 111 (bailout.c)
internal: timeoutio.h, open.h: library sync
ui: (uoinstall, premake) a number of make variables
may influence the installation.
version: 0.3.1

2000-08-08 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
bugfix: ftpcopy logged empty wildcard expression in case of exclusion
(spotted by Matthias Andree <ma@dt.e-technik.uni-dortmund.de>).
doc: fix typo in ftpcopy.pod. (spotted by Matthias Andree)

2000-07-15 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
internal: rewritten to use stralloc, taia.a, buffer, the new socket library.
ui: provide a way to not log in (--user="").
ui: ftpcp: new script, calls `ftpcopy -n "$@"'
ui: added --tries option.
ui: fixed exit code of ftpcopy, was 1 instead of 0 in case of
version: 0.3.0

2000-06-10 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
bugfix: directory deletions didn't work.
ui: added --include option.

2000-05-18 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
ui: add option "-L" / "--list-options" to ftpcopy and ftpls.
ui: fix typo in long options of ftpls.
bugfix: ftpls didn't correctly check the result code of the
LIST command.

2000-02-15 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
* library function updates (mainly the big uoio cleanup).
* threw out automake / autoconf stuff.
* ftpcopy: target may now be a relative path.
* ftpls: can now list only one file.
* Release 0.2.2 (0.2.1 was internal)

2000-02-08 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
* Release 0.2.0
* ftpcopy.c: (download) forgot to close the socket if
the server tells us that the file is not available.
* ftpcopy.c: (delete) stopped to work reliably in 0.1.3. Oops.
* uoio.c, uostr.c: library function update. Nothing serious.

2000-01-17 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
* Release 0.1.3
* ftplib.c: new file containing some functions of ftpcopy.c
* ftpcopy.c: use ftplib.c functions.
understands URLs.
doesn't need a local dir anymore (uses ./something).
* ftpparse.c: ANSIfied it.
* ftpls.c: new program

2000-01-16 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
* ftpcopy.c: new option -m / --max-days to only download files
modified in the last N days.
new option -x / --exclude, implements exclusion list.
added some rmdirs where they seem appropriate.
* uptime.h, uo_now.c, uo_wildmat.h uo_wildmat.c: new files
from the repository.

2000-01-15 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
* ftpcopy.c: close the data connection before reading the servers
final answer. Seems to be needed for some ftp servers (what
does the standard say about that?).

2000-01-14 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
* Release 0.1.2
* ftpcopy.c: implemented option to deal with symbolic links
on broken ftp servers.
implemented option to only create the directory hierarchie
(together with the option mentioned above it will also
create symbolic links).
deal with multiline FTP responses.
fixed a bug in the symlink creation function (used by EPLF
and traditional stuff).
use null terminated strings everywhere.

2000-01-13 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
* Release 0.1.1
(0.1.0 was used internally)

2000-01-12 Uwe Ohse <uwe@serak.ohse.de>
* internal Release 0.1.0